I'm Going To Show You The Easiest Way To Set Yourself Apart From Everyone Else In Your Industry...

Are you finally ready to have people clamoring to work with you and have more clients than you know what to do with.... And YES! It is simple to implement

"If you want potential clients begging to work with you,
this simple and EASY system is PERFECT."

 Fact: Video Is The Easiest Way to Build Your Brand Online...

Your ability to create video content, sharing your message and ideas, and being comfortable doing it, is a HUGE key to being found by your audience. Being visible online with video will determine whether people searching for someone with your expertise, services or products will find you, not someone else. It’s that simple.

...and it's not as difficult as you might think it is.

Hello everyone! My name is Caren Glasser and I am known as the Digital Diva.  So many of my clients know that they NEED to be online, could be online and do video, but just the thought of it makes them anxious and stressed. That’s why they come to me! I am the go-to girl for all things digital.

I help them replace the overwhelm with excitement and a desire to create videos and other digital assets so that they can be found online. My goal is to help you make sense of what is available, eliminating confusion when choosing how to create video and what are the best tools for your business and show you how to use them. There is never any pressure. I will take you step by step . I am here to hold your hand and be your guide.

It's my mission to help you create the business of your dreams through creating awesome videos. You’ll also learn how to use these digital assets to attract, nurture and convert audiences into loyal paying customers, clients, partners and connections that open the door to the opportunities that you and your message deserve!

It's Never Been So Easy...

Are You Ready to Dominate Your Industry?

Get on the path of learning how to create amazing video content with ease AND start enjoying the rewards from it on Day 1!

The great news is that there has never been such an easy way to create videos that help you build an online brand and grow your business.

The problem is…

Most people think video is sooooo complicated.

You need this type of camera, that kind of lighting, this kind of studio...blah blah blah…

In fact, the opposite is true. 

So many of my clients know that they NEED to be online, could be online, and do video but just the thought of it makes them anxious and stressed.

There is never a better time to shoot great videos than now. The technology is advanced and changing, which means end-users like you and me get to enjoy better quality video with fewer complications.

Yep, that’s right! With the right knowledge, you’ll be able to shoot high-quality videos easily, that will build your audience and make them love you.

Here’s the promise: At the end of this, you will have the opportunity to learn my “secret” strategies to use video

What it's like to work with Caren...

Nancy Ferrari


"Caren Glasser truly is one of the most knowledgeable experts within the realm of technology and digital assets and she has an innate ability to teach some of the most complex digital aspects in a manner that makes sense. I know first hand as Caren and I collaborated within our work in media. She was patient with me as I was a novice to understanding how to navigate through post-production work, setting up my marketing system, utilizing graphic software systems, teaching me about the value of digital assets and numerous other aspects that have enhanced my expertise within the media industry.

I highly recommend anyone who hasn't had training with any aspect of digital technology to connect with Caren as she will teach you with patience, understanding and you'll be crystal clear as to how you navigate within the world wide web!" 

Joy Stone


Working with Caren was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made! With her experience and expertise I was able to define my goals and map out a strategy that cemented a positive and inspiring foundation for me to build my now growing Life Coaching Practice. Before meeting Caren I was intimated and overwhelmed by technology.

With her help I was able to overcome those roadblocks and embrace the online forum. She made building my business possible. Her practical and common sense approach is indispensable to anyone developing or redefining their business.

Each and Every Day that you're NOT creating and leveraging your video content, is COSTING you, your business and even your audience …

There's a lot of coaches, marketer's and competition out there...

I'd be willing to place a bet that many don't have the same quality content that you have. The ideas you have. The impact you can make for or with someone. They may not have the experience you have. They may not care as much as you do…

Regardless of all of that, if THEY'RE putting out new video content, the people that NEED You, will find them.

This product and the step by step help in my Video Bootcamp, changes EVERYTHING.

The difference for you is that now, your audience will FIND you, SEE you and FEEL COMFORTABLE with you. That’s how someone can resonate with you.

The difference for your viewer, is that your video(s), set you apart from everything and everyone. They now experience you. Both "what " you say, and even more importantly, "how " you say it.

This Video Bootcamp is the 1st and most important step.

Imagine having your own webTV show. Imagine a product that makes money for you while you are sleeping. Imagine using content that can be used in social media, blog posts, email blasts, newsletters and more…

In this bootcamp, you'll not only discover, but learn AND implement :

  • Learn how to create a visual "map" or cheat sheet that makes "doing" your video EASY
  • Learn how to set up a YouTube channel with all the bells and whistle's in just a few minutes
  • Learn how to turn ON the social media pipeline of people to your youtube channel (in 3 simple steps )
  • Learn how to launch a live video event via YouTube in ½ hour (your new potential clients can BARELY wait for your next event! )
  • Learn exactly how "Pro's" make it a simple no-brainer for people to buy or join you DURING your video event
  • Learn how to get the most out of your YouTube channel by optimizing your videos, using keywords, creating playlists (People Finding YOU all day, every day)
  • Learn my favorite tricks that will maximize your chance of your video being seen by a few hundred percent
  • Learn how to EARN from your YouTube video content (YouTube has given you the go-ahead to start helping more people … and cashing more checks)
  • Learn how to quickly turn your smartphone into a digital content creating machine

Finally, You Can Have Access to the - Creating Digital Authority Video BOOTCAMP

The Step-by-Step Bootcamp That's Going to Completely Transform and Shift Your Business Into Exactly What You've Dreamed Of

  1. Expand Opportunities: With ease and confidence, you'll learn and begin to create Video that position's you as the "go-to" authority in your business. Your message and impact will multiply and opportunities expand
  2. Easy Steps for Instant Visibility: See how you can get instant visibility by creating your own channel in YouTube, and even use Google Hangout's in easy steps that can send streams of contacts, customers and clients to you
  3. Be a Video Master - even if you're a newbie to technology: Whether it's Youtube, Google Hangout, or even your Smart phone, Discover how the right lighting, sound and editing can create a video that delivers MAJOR impact and that you're excited and proud to share
  4. Have the Exact Formula to Give Your Audience the Right Message at the Right Time: Know that you and your video's will be found (by the right people ) by implementing the exact formula of keywords that place your message precisely where your audience needs to discover you. ALSO, imagine that video and message showing up on every social media property with that same accuracy !

Creating Digital Authority Video BOOTCAMP

You and your potential audience have waited long enough…

This Video bootcamp delivers you to the doorstep of your new era of achievement !

Only a small fraction of your audience know your message. There's a huge group of people that are literally searching for, and trying to find YOU. They just need to see you and your new content.

You may have even been sensing lately, that a breakthrough is near. In fact, sometime's it even trigger's old thoughts or emotions of self-doubt. Fears about learning new things. Apprehension when it come's to jumping in and using (and benefiting ) from the technology that's available to you.

That's a major reason why I'm making this bootcamp available to you.

This Bootcamp gives you the Easy, Do-Able steps. Be true to your self, your content and message and your audience by not having to worry about gadgets and new social media bells and whistle's. Instead to be able to jump in with confidence and put yourself in front of the right people with ease and power.

Your best is about to begin and the world is going to have access to it.

This bootcamp, is the solution.

I am more than excited to help you every step of the way.

Let's do it.

Are You Ready to Dominate Your Industry?

Get on the path of learning how to create amazing video content with ease AND start enjoying the rewards from it on Day 1!

Here's What Bootcamp Clients and User's Say...

"Caren Glasser is a ROCK STAR!..."

" Caren very generously spent time with a private group of my coaching clients, teaching them about creating a digital library and the importance of crafting a meaningful Call to Action. I absolutely believe that Caren's presentation sparked everyone into action of some sort using the information she provided.

That might be why Spark it Network is so aptly named. I am a huge believer in inspired action and that is what Caren offers - with each and every encounter. She certainly sparked my client's and me into action and we quickly achieved better results. I highly recommend Caren.

She is knowledgeable, personable and easy to understand. That is huge especially when talking about anything related to technology. She is a group favorite and I am looking forward to Caren coming back and sharing more of her expertise again."

Sheila Kennedy, THE Confidence Coach confidenceatyourcore.com

"Our Session Made Learning Easy and Efficient!"

“Thank you for your online support. You helped to alleviate some of my computer fears. Your patience, knowledge, expertise and sense of humor throughout our session made learning easy and efficient!"

Lori Cooper, The Mikveh at Tbh-Be

Lori Cooper The Mikveh at Tbh-Be

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you use join the Video Bootcamp, you will be on the path to greater visibility and more clients than you’ve ever had.  I'm so sure that what you will learn will help you easily create videos that I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you KNOW you need these results, but something is holding you back… I'm going to give you a BONUS that is going to change your business (and the way it "feels") forever...

In nearly two decades of helping entrepreneur's, coaches , speakers become "rock-stars" (or close to it ), I've also discovered the one thing that sometimes can hold them back. What they've actually experienced!

It's caused frustration and fear, and once in a while, even prompted them to give up. Or at least want to, in that moment.

It's the sometimes overwhelming sense that technology moves to fast. That there are too many "new things" to do and learn. That they're already behind and the idea of catching up gets further away.

So, this idea of maximizing and leveraging video, even though you KNOW it could be HUGE for you, seems… well, like a tough one.

Here's my BONUS to you. A Gift for EVERY CLIENT that purchases the Video Bootcamp. THIS will make every aspect of your business (and life) MUCH easier and feel much, much better.

It's my "Tips and Tools" workshop on Exactly How to use "GOOGLE" step by step to Simplify, Organize, and nearly RUN your business for you all while saving you a ton of time and frustration.

Tackling Gmail, The Calendar, and the Drive, we're going to put your business and confidence on warp speed.

PART of what we'll make sure YOU experience is:

  • Know EXACTLY who to follow up with (You'll know when they open every message ! )
  • Your appointments and events go with you EVERYWHERE (and even give you advance notice ) all without carrying 17 devices around
  • Access ANY and ALL important files from just about anywhere on the planet (This may not work on other planets, YET… )

...and Much more.

This will make every part of your business SUPPORT your new success of having Video reach and teach your audience to hire or work with you.

It's my gift to every up and coming "rock-star" and it will make the Video Bootcamp lessens generate real results for you even faster.

See you at the TOP of the Success Ladder !

I have been a Reality TV producer for more than 20 years, working exclusively in the television arena. In order to expand my reach and creative opportunities outside television, I enlisted the help of Caren Glasser, a digital media guru of sorts.

Caren has been an invaluable asset to me, introducing each creative/social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest) and explaining how they all work independently and together to create and sharecontent. At first, I was very overwhelmed and Caren made me feel much more at ease.

She is extremely patient and explains everything in layman’s terms. I have gained incredibly useful skills and knowledge, which will inevitably boost my career moving forward. I cannot recommend Caren enough!

Shayne Lewin
Reality Television Producer

In spring, 2015 I was going around in circles trying to create a web-hub for writers. My ability to handle my own tech support was lacking and holding me back.

I contacted Caren Glasser of Spark It Network for assistance. She listened closely to my objectives and immediately responded by designing the Writer-to-Writer Sparklet Media Channel, allowing me to easily move forward with a site I am proud of.

Caren’s patience and guidance has helped me to catapult my efforts to support other authors and professionals gain visibility by using the Spark It Network model in conjunction with the Writer-to-Writer media channel. Caren of Spark It Network has gone well beyond what I would have expected of any businessperson in her position.

Without her I would have thrown in the towel months ago, but because of her willingness to walk me through, and even repeat lessons, my Writer-to-Writer media channel will not only succeed but also support others in their successes.

Judith Cassis

Are You Ready for Success?

Get on the path of learning how to create amazing video content with ease AND start enjoying the rewards from it on Day 1!

P.S.:  SO, here's where the long "PS." goes… Not me. I want you to win. You want to win. I'm committed to helping you do it. There's a guarantee, so let's just get started. Winning is a lot less stressful then wondering if we should start or if we deserve it… YOU do.